Aphrodite Mini Sculpture

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Aphrodite embodies the beauty of an expecting female. This handmade concrete mini sculpture goddess can be set in your bathroom or coffee table for an elevated mid century modern look.

All our concrete homewares are hand-mixed and hand poured in small batches. They are sealed to protect from water and light staining. As with all hand crafted pieces, no two are ever the same. variations can occur from change in temperature, air bubbles or color pigments.

Aphrodite is available in a variety of colors as well as infused with glitter for our glamour line. 


3.5inches tall

Care Instructions:

Concrete is a porous material, in order to maintain your Philia concrete homeware:

Wipe off water or any liquid spill immediately.

If dusty, wipe with a dry or slightly damp towel.

Do not submerge in water