Waist Beads and Adornments

Waist beads/jewelry are worn by various cultures. It has been worn by several cultures all over Africa and around the world. They are worn by all ages, in some cultures waist beads are used to celebrate different milestones in a girl or woman's life

They are worn as a fashion accessory, waist beads have a way of boosting self awareness  and a woman's sensuality. 

Philia Bijoux's waist beads are made with Czech or Japanese seed beads, gemstones, 14k gold filled and/or sterling silver beads.  Our waist chains are made with 24k gold plated chains.

Our waist beads are offered  in the tie-on traditional method and you have the option to customize it with a screw-on clasp. For a customized waist bead, you will need to include your waist measurement with your order.